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Treat Your Pet and Give Yourself More Flexibility with a Pet Door

AHE Windows & Doors is proud to offer pet doors to Las Vegas homeowners. Pet doors enable your fur buddy to enjoy the outdoors any time they wish. Spot will love the freedom to romp through the backyard whenever he wants. As a pet owner, you’ll appreciate the convenience that goes along with a pet door. Enjoy after-work cocktails with your colleagues, meet your significant other for dinner, or enjoy a night on the town, free from the obligation of letting your pet out of the house.

cat coming through pet door in glass door

Don’t Sacrifice Quality for Convenience: Come to Us

We believe in selling only the highest-quality products at AHE Windows & Doors. We know how important the safety of your pet and your home are to you. Pet doors don’t have to sacrifice security and efficiency for convenience. We also understand that you want to keep your energy bills down.

Our pet doors provide the following benefits:

All of our pet doors are made from sturdy materials and will not fade, crack, break, or rust.


Made from soft, flexible PVC vinyl, the flaps allow your pet to easily access the door free from exposed and harmful screws.


Our pet doors include an impact resistant security cover with a pin lock that improves product integrity.


Double flaps, nylon weather stripping, alnico magnets that protect your home from wind, unwanted animals and against energy inefficiency.


Our pet doors are backed by warranty. Be sure to ask our team members how your door is covered.

We Never Contract Installation Work

We have over 27 years of experience. Along the way, we’ve satisfied our customers by helping them find the best product to suit their needs and providing top-notch installation services. We don’t subcontract. All of our installations are performed by our own crew, ensuring maximum quality control. To learn more about AHE Windows & Doors, contact us today.


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