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Choosing a New Entry Door for Your Las Vegas Home

Your home’s front entry door provides the portal into your life. It makes a statement about what kind of house you own and is a focal point of the design. Not only does it bring energy and aesthetics to your home, but it tends to be the door that greets you after a long day, and the door visitors see first as they’re entering your home. Why not pay extra special attention to the door that you and others can enjoy the most frequently? Front doors see repeated use and sometimes abuse from opening and closing them multiple times daily. Making sure your front entry door is installed correctly with the right materials brings all the difference in terms of reliability, energy efficiency, and sustainability. When you call AHE Windows & Doors to replace your front door, you’re getting artisan craftsmanship and care at an affordable value that won’t break the bank.

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Durable Material that Withstands Heat

Front doors can be made from several different materials. The most popular replacement front doors in the 21st century are made with fiberglass. Fiberglass is a time-tested material designed to withstand the daily abuse that any front door receives. As we all know, the Vegas sun beats down on us, making nearly every material under its rays untouchable without experiencing burns. Fiberglass subverts this by not being a heat conductor. This means that all day while the summer sun hits your front door, it is still comfortable to the touch. In addition to withstanding heat, fiberglass doors won’t warp, bow, or split due to changing temperatures. Fiberglass requires zero maintenance, keeping your home insulated and looking great for years to come.

Professional Front Door Replacements with Energy-Efficient Doors

Our technicians have years of experience expertly replacing front doors in Las Vegas. Your door is not only a focal point of your home’s entrance but a valuable asset in protecting from the elements. During the summer, cool air is frequently lost from front doors, as they are used the most throughout the day. Letting out air from opening your door is unavoidable, but you can take precautions to ensure hot air stays out while cool air stays in when the door is closed. We offer a wide range of energy-efficient front door options at AHE Windows & Doors. To save on costly energy bills while staying stylish, call us today and learn how.

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