French Sliding Doors

French Sliding Doors Are the Best of All Worlds

When deciding what kind of glass doors that best compliment your Las Vegas home, you may think your choices are limited to either standard sliding doors or traditional French doors. In reality, you have a third option that offers you and your home the best features of both styles of doors: French sliding doors. With the style and elegance of French doors and the low profile and ease of sliding glass doors, French sliding glass doors mean you don’t have to compromise when building or updating your version of a Las Vegas dream home. 

What is a French Sliding Door?

We are all aware of what sliding patio doors are—they are the design standard for the vast majority of homes across the United States. Because they offer different styles, grid patterns, hardware, glass tints and colors, French doors are generally considered to be a step up in style and elegance from simple sliding glass doors. They have just one major drawback—because they are a traditional swing door, they open inward or outward. Until the invention of French sliding doors, folks with limited space also had to contend with limited options. However, French sliding glass doors combine the classic stylishness of French doors with the space-saving convenience of sliding doors. French sliding doors appear exactly the same as traditional French doors, but instead of swinging, they slide. All the elegance of French Doors, combined with the flexibility of sliding doors. 

Benefits of French-style Sliding Doors

The warm climate of Las Vegas makes it an inviting locale for year-round indoor-outdoor living, and also means our sliding doors get more use than most. French sliding patio doors allow your home to be flooded with natural light, whether open or closed, and when open can fill your home with fresh air. Beyond their beautiful appearance, the design of French sliding glass doors has some practical benefits as well. Because they open wider than standard French doors, moving large appliances, furniture and other sizable objects through them is a breeze. They’re durable and long-lasting, often are designed with features that improve energy-efficiency, and because they improve curb appeal, can increase property value. 

At AHE Windows & Doors, we’re experts in helping you determine what type and style of doors fit your home’s needs, your design style and your budget. Contact us for a consultation about French sliding doors today!

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